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Martha's Daycare and Afterschool Care Newsletter

November 2019

Martha's Daycare and Afterschool Care Newsletter

Supervisor's Message:

If you have any questions please email at marthaschildren@gmail.com or text me at 780 238-2212.

  • Remembrance Day will be On November 11 2019 Martha’s Daycare and OSC will be CLOSED
  • Survey will be sending home this week Nov 4-8, please fill out the survey and return to your child’s room.
  • Christmas Party for children will be on December 6 2019 at 6:30 pm in the gym. Potluck list for parents to sign will be ready after long weekend Nov 12
  • Agenda for the party:
    6:30pm-7:00pm Potluck
    7:00pm-7:30pm Magic show
    7:30pm-7:45pm Children performance
    7:45pm-8:15pm Visit from Santa
    8:15pm-8:45pm Clean up time
  • Christmas Hours:
    Dec 23 open 7am-6pm
    Dec 24 CLOSED (if you need a child care talk to Mira)
    Dec 25, 26, 27 CLOSED
    Dec 30 open 7am-6pm
    Dec 31 CLOSED (if you need a child care talk to Mira)
    Jan 1 CLOSED
    Jan 2-3 open 7am-6pm

 Important Notes:

  1. Please call at 780-487-0153 or leave message if you child will be absents that day. For OSC please use 780 244-9073 after 3pm each day except Thursday at 11:15.
  2. Payments are due on the first day of each month; if monthly fees are not received by the fifth of each month there will be a late fee charge or $1 per day.
  3. Make sure to dress your children appropriately for the weather. Make sure your child has extra clothes and a water bottle
  4. Remember that there is a late payment charge when picking up your child late at a rate of 1 minute/1 dollar.
  5. If someone else is picking up your child, that isn’t on the official list, please contact Mira or talk to someone from your child’s room.
  6. Please remember to sign your child in and out every day.
  7. Please don’t send any types of food with peanuts. This is a peanut Free Daycare and Afterschool Care
  8. If your child is going to have a heat up lunch we ask that it is brought in a plastic container so it is able to be heated in the Microwave and utensils.


Activities for October:

  • Fall leaves collection
  • Parachute fun with leaves
  • Scribble art with leaf
  • Pigs craft
  • Farm yoga
  • Line walking
  • Cooking Day celebrating Thanksgiving making sandwich
  • Body shape craft (feeling popsicle sticks/mirror craft)
  • Fire painting/fire dragon with tissue paper roll/
  • Watching a movie “Cinderella”
  • Hanging craft with orange and black
  • Decorate bags
  • Pumpkin carving
  • Playing with pumpkin seeds
  • Shaving cream fun
  • Halloween party

New Children:

Welcome: Leonard and Chanel


Birthdays: Happy Birthday to Bree-Anna on Nov 11

Afterschool Care

Activities for Oct:

  • Turtle life checking on Google
  • Making a turtle
  • Animals in the ZOO
  • Making self portrait
  • Making a bear
  • Watching a movie “Toys Story”
  • Electronic day-fun
  • Cooking Day-potluck
  • Reading club
  • Carving pumpkin
  • Decorate bags
  • Halloween party

New children:

Welcome: Peter to the OSC room


Birthdays: Happy Birthday to Michelle on Nov 28

Click Here to See Special Activities for October

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